Who will lead Orange in assists this coming season?


With six Syracuse basketball players leaving the Hill in the last offseason, either through the transfer portal or to pursue career aspirations, the Orange has a vastly revamped roster ahead of the 2021-22 campaign, which is on the point to start.

The ‘Cuse has brought in three veterans through the transfer portal, and he has a five-star rookie from the 2021 recruiting cycle. In this article, we take a look at the Orange players who we think could punctuate the team with assists. decisive this quarter.

Just for a little background, according to ESPN website statistics, junior point guard Joe Girard III and senior shooter Buddy Boeheim are the only returning players to have collected a decent number of assists last year, with Girard at 3.5 per game and Boeheim at 2.6 per game.

Now, that certainly doesn’t mean other returning players can’t get in on the action in this category. They just haven’t had a ton of running a stanza ago.

Syracuse basketball could have multiple players averaging at least a few assists per game.

Even though these were just exhibition games, I thought ‘Cuse’s roster had done a good job moving the ball around in the recent resounding victories over Pace and Le Moyne on the Hill.

Head coach Jim Boeheim echoed those sentiments, saying in his post-game press conference following the loss to Le Moyne that his players do a good job of finding open shooters.

I have a feeling that as a team Syracuse basketball is going to rack up a lot of pennies this coming season as the players seem to be selfless, passing good shots for the best. Of course, part of that depends on whether a heavy perimeter offense connects to a powerful clip beyond the arc.

Either way, I expect Girard to lead the team in assists throughout 2021-22. He seems to be making a concerted effort to find forwards and crosses in the paint, and Girard has two fellow snipers on the roster at Boeheim and senior striker Cole Swider.

If he wins a significant number of points, I think young guard Symir Torrence could absolutely come right behind Girard in terms of assists. Boeheim should also get some assists, because of all the other shooters in the ‘Cuse roster.

From an assists perspective, forwards are interesting. Freshman Benny Williams is so selfless and a terrific passer that I could see him in the top four on the list when it comes to assists.

If graduate student Jimmy Boeheim focuses on driving to the hoop and then going up to score or throwing open shooters on the perimeter, he might get a few assists.

Swider, too, could get a few pennies, due to his ability to get into the lane and then have the option to throw the ball at Buddy Boeheim and Girard.

The two main centers, junior Jesse Edwards and sophomore Frank Anselem, are unlikely to register as many assists as guards, wingers and forwards, but who really knows. Everything is possible, right?

One thing I can say here is that Syracuse basketball is a selfless group in 2021-2022, and the team is going to be really fun to watch and cheer on.

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