West Bengal government and Schoolnet promote digital learning



Personalized learning solutions for students in public and government-subsidized schools in West Bengal

Students in grades V to X can access Geneo eSekha, an online learning platform, through the Banglar Shiksha website

The government of West Bengal has partnered with Schoolnet, India’s leading edTech service provider, to deliver digital learning and career development programs.

The partnership will provide personalized learning solutions for students in public and government-sponsored schools across West Bengal.

Students can access Geneo eSekha, an online learning platform for grades V to X, through Banglar Shiksha, the official website of the West Bengal Department of Education.

The portal offers educational content in Bengali and is a vernacular extension of Geneo’s flagship personalized learning solution – Schoolnet India, designed to make learning simple, smart and efficient.

Through enhanced AI-powered audiovisual pedagogies, Geneo eSekha aims to improve student critical thinking and retention, with the goal of making study time more enjoyable for everyone.

Main aspects of Geneo eSekha:

  • Geneo eSekha has adopted a differentiated and results-oriented strategy to facilitate ease of learning, which is in sync with schools, and was created with the requirements of West Bengal students in mind.
  • The program is based on the Pillars of Learning, Applying, Reviewing and Assessment in Native Language Support to make it accessible to students of the West Bengal Secondary Education Council ( Madhyamik advice).
  • Schoolnet, in collaboration with the government of West Bengal, envisioned a system in which students can follow what is happening at school on their own.
  • Geneo eSekha has been designed in harmony with the West Bengal primary and secondary school curriculum.
  • The interactive digital learning platform covers science, mathematics and English for students in grades V to VIII and English, mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, history and science. geography for classes IX and X.
  • The latest West Bengal State Board textbooks will be presented in a digital format, allowing students to relearn what they learned in school.
  • Geneo eSekha offers multimodal options for blended learning.
  • At each stage of learning, students can benefit from access to subject matter experts, in order to clarify doubts, as well as strengthen their knowledge.
  • The portal also allows for self-assessments and reviews before exams.

“The significant increase and acceptance of online learning over the past year has led to a rapid digitalization of our education system. We have taken several steps to ensure that we are able to provide quality education to students in West Bengal. We are excited to partner with Schoolnet to reach students statewide to bring rich and interactive multilingual learning solutions that complement the school curriculum, ”said a senior education department official.

Banglar Shiksha will also give students access to CareerPath, a unique career counseling and counseling solution for students in grades VIII to XI. Taking into account the provisions of the National Education Policy 2020, CareerPath will provide professional academic and vocational guidance to all students. They will also provide access to counselors to ensure physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Speaking about the partnership, Goutam Maiti, vice president of Schoolnet, said, “We share a common vision to enable every child in the state to succeed. Digital learning, especially in the middle and bottom of the pyramid, is of the utmost importance in raising the quality of education provided, as well as providing opportunities for enhanced learning. We are grateful to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her support in helping us achieve our goals, and we look forward to the government’s continued help in reaching every student.

Last updated on November 25, 2021

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