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The Elmwood Forum offers details of the school replacement project City of Hopkinton encourages residents to complete survey in preparation for FY24 budget process Primary election: Arena-DeRosa defeats Degan in race for Democratic state rep School committee reviews enrollment figures and attendance policy Frankland Road solar project underway as deforestation begins Parks and Recreation roundup: Commission prioritizes upkeep of new grass pitches Select Board roundup: Main Street progresses, new employees introduced Main Street Corridor Project Update Openings within the Boards and Committees

About 18 attendees joined an online kick-off meeting on Monday evening to learn more about the upcoming process for the Elmwood School Replacement Project. As well as introducing key players from Vertex and Perkins Eastman, who will plan and design the project if funded, Superintendent Carol Cavanaugh outlined a number of reasons for the company at this time.

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City Manager Norman Khumalo and Chief Accounting Officer Benjamin Sweeney would like to invite residents to complete a survey as the city prepares to begin the fiscal year 24 budget process.

The City of Hopkinton will use the survey results to gather the community’s understanding of the City’s budget and how the process can be improved.

The inquiry will remain open until Thursday, October 6.

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Holliston resident James Arena-DeRosa defeated Hopkinton City Clerk Connor Degan in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for state representative in Middlesex’s 8th District, which includes Hopkinton, Holliston, Sherborn and part of Millis.

According to an Associated Press account of the race shortly before midnight Tuesday, with 99% of the votes counted, Arena-DeRosa had 3,101 votes (57.4%) to Degan’s 2,304 votes (42.6%).

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The Elmwood School replacement project, school enrollment and attendance policy were among the topics discussed at the Hopkinton School Committee meeting on Thursday.

Elementary administrators also presented improvement plans for the board to consider.

Superintendent Carol Cavanaugh said the Elmwood project – assuming it is funded – is expected to take 4.5 years: two years for design, two for construction and half a year to obtain city/state approvals. the state.

Enrollment exceeds forecast

Regarding enrollment, Cavanaugh said as of Sept. 15, the district had 4,178 students, including 102 in kindergarten.

One consultant’s enrollment projection was 4,104 students at the end of this school year and 4,186 at the end of the school year in 2024.

Attendance policy removes COVID language

In an effort to update the attendance policy, it was proposed that specific symptoms associated with COVID-19 be removed from language in the future. However, council members said parents should not send children to school who have fevers over 100, strep throat, etc., and should exercise discretion. Parents must provide an explanation in writing or by telephone to the nurse.

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When Ann Karnofsky was walking her two collies on Frankland Road on August 30, she was overwhelmed by what she described as “a caravan of construction vehicles” heading for 71 Frankland Road, the site of a billboard project solar photovoltaic and an energy storage facility.

Karnofsky had advocated for the city to take the land by eminent domain earlier this year in an effort to preserve the forest, which is part of the property now owned by Agilitas Energy (recently purchased from Seaboard Solar). Previously, Liberty Mutual had owned the land since 1954 and operated a security research center next to the forest.

Liberty Mutual, Karnofsky noted, allowed public access to the wooded portion of the property for walkers, cyclists and equestrians.

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At its Wednesday meeting, the Parks and Recreation Commission discussed maintenance of the new Fruit Street grass pitch, applications for joint ownership by the city, and plans for the community preservation committee.

CPC funded projects discussed

The commission continued its discussions from previous meetings on potential projects to bring to the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) this fall. Proposals may include a long-term plan for ownership of Fruit Street Fields, the reconfiguration of Pyne Field to accommodate a Little League pitch and a cricket ground, the addition of shaded areas or a pavilion to the park canine, installing a barrier at Sandy Beach, constructing an EMC Park amenities building, adding security cameras to Parks & Rec properties, and constructing an arena.

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At Tuesday’s board meeting, City Manager Norman Khumalo said the Main Street Corridor project continues to progress.

“Substantial work has been completed,” Khumalo said. “We are now concentrating on the work that will help us relax before winter.”

Stewart, Prescott acknowledged

Council honored two long-serving City employees who recently retired.

Jamie Stewart was a heavy equipment operator for the Department of Public Works who retired Aug. 31 after 36 years with the city. Michael Prescott, a firefighter, retired Aug. 26 after 31 years with the city, including seven years as an on-call firefighter.

Committee positions filled

The library board, attending a joint meeting with the select board, filled a vacancy with the appointment of Warren Carter. The mandate expires at the municipal election of May 2023.

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What to expect for the week of September 19, 2022 to September 23, 2022

scale project

  • Mount the castings to the project scale manholes – the eastbound detour from Pleasant Street to Maple Street in Hayden Rowe will be used.

East side of the project

  • Comcast Conduit Bank Works at Church St and Walcott St. (estimated to be 1 day for each location)
  • Electrical Conduit Works at Ash Street
  • Driving works on Hayden Rowe; Southbound traffic will be diverted around Town Common via Ash Street to Park and back to Hayden Rowe. Northbound traffic on Hayden Rowe will not be impacted.
  • Continue service connections to Muffin House property lines at Ash Street

West side of the project

  • Continue grading and compacting sidewalks between Wood Street and the fire station
  • Continue forming and pouring the concrete sidewalks from Wood Street towards the fire station

135/85 Junction

  • Install new granite curb from Fire Hall/Police Station to Muffin House (including Cedar Street and Grove Street)
  • Install traffic lights at the intersection

Read more details about the Main Street Corridor Project

Live video feed of traffic conditions

Updated 9/14/22: The following City Councils and Committees will have one or more vacancies. Please see the city’s website at www.hopkintonma.gov for information about the duties of specific councils and committees. Interested residents should apply via the online volunteer form at City of Hopkinton, MA: Tips. Never served on a board or committee before? Take a look at Hopkinton Board/Committee Orientation Guide to get a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Please note that all current Board and Committee members interested in reappointment MUST apply online via the link above. Appointments would be made at a future meeting of the relevant appointing authority. For any questions, please contact Elaine Lazarus or Vasudha Dutta at 508-497-9701 [email protected]

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