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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Ailing Minnesota State Representative John Thompson says he has learned from his past mistakes and is ready to work for the people he represents.

On July 4, he was arrested for not having a front license plate. Today he clarified this traffic violation by paying a fine of $ 100.

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But the last few months have been difficult for the representative of the State. Allegations of domestic violence came to light, questions were asked about his whereabouts, and he was kicked out of the Minnesota DFL caucus.

Now he says he’s ready to talk about it in an exclusive WCCO interview with Reg Chapman.

“I’m excited about our next session because I’m able to work with everyone now and that’s the way it should be,” said Thompson.

Thompson is focused on what he hopes to accomplish as an independent lawmaker.

“And I hope we can come up with some ideas that will benefit my community, because my community needs a lot of resources,” he said.

During his first year at home, Thompson says he drafted bills focused on the business and resources of his community.

“We need housing and employment investments and economic development and supply contracts with the state,” Thompson said.

But his efforts nearly derailed before he took office.

On a trip to Hugo, where he protested against the former president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, things took a turn for the worse with Thompson at the center of a dispute.

“There are some regrets from Hugo,” he said.

Thompson says he wasn’t supposed to speak that day or be part of the protest, but the actions of others forced him to react.

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“Draw a line in the sand if you spit on me or spit on me and that’s what happened. So when they get this little phrase John is yelling, John is not yelling at women and children. I’m yelling at the young man who spat on us earlier, ”he said. “I regret having hit the piñata. I didn’t know it was an effigy, people. Don’t believe it or not, [but] I didn’t know it was an image of someone’s wife.

But it was a traffic stop on the weekend of July 4 that caused friction between the DFL and Thompson.

“Imagine the weekend of the anniversary of your friend’s assassination behind a traffic stop. Imagine those lights coming on behind you, ”said Thompson.

The representative of the State. said he was racially profiled, the subject officer denies it. The trouble began when he issued the officer with an out-of-state driver’s license.

“[It’s the] same driver’s license that I presented to the human resources department of the house, same driver’s license. So hit me on the wrist, but don’t send my family to go through this because of my driver’s license, ”said Thompson.

This licensing issue led to further research of the records and revealed allegations of domestic violence, which he and his wife deny.

“I promised my family that we would not be here, [and] so here we are. Not because of something I was doing right now, but we had to dig and find something and then use it to try to attack me politically, ”he said. “I can confess and say that is something that makes me uncomfortable, and I can confess and say yes, I could have made better decisions here. But everyone has to do it.

Thompson says his work is now more focused on the issues facing his constituents.

“I’m not going to attack people anymore and I’m going to attack the problem and that’s what I will do in the future,” he said.

Thompson says his kids went to Johnson High School and took Reg Chapman from WCCO to his home in the Payne-Phalen area of ​​St. Paul to prove he’s been living in the east for years.

He added that he would continue to speak boldly about things that are happening in his community no matter what others think or say.

You can find the extended interview with Thompson later tonight on our CBSN Minnesota app.

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