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Vernier will pilot an online STEM education portal for high school students this fall

Vernier Software & Technology has a new online STEM learning and exploration platform for high school students, the company announced, and after a pilot program this fall, the subscription-based platform is expected to be available to US high schools. in early 2023.

The Vernier Connections web-based platform will offer out-of-the-box course content, resources, assessments, and STEM management tools to make it easier for high school educators to provide students with engaging and hands-on STEM instruction and exploration , according to a press release.

Vernier Connections “will emphasize fun, interactive investigations and projects and provide educators with the ability to assess student understanding in all science disciplines,” Vernier Software said in the announcement. Teachers will be able to customize instructional content based on their needs or their district’s scope and sequence, Vernier said; lessons are designed by STEM leaders and aligned with next-generation science standards.

The platform is designed to promote STEM literacy, said Vernier CEO John Wheeler. “To this end, Vernier Connections gives students the opportunity to study the real world in their own context, collect and analyze data as they investigate natural phenomena, and engage in experiential, three-dimensional STEM learning” , did he declare.

Students carrying out investigations and projects on the Vernier Collections platform will be able to “use Vernier apps to collect, display and analyze data while learning important scientific concepts,” according to the press release.

Vernier Connections will initially launch for macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS platforms, with more to come later, and its content will be “program independent,” the company said.

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