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BENGALURU: Shortly after exams and the end of the school year, most parents worry about what to do with old textbooks. Most of them hand it over to the raddiwala (paper collector) for a price. Some are looking for the needy to donate, but that’s a problem.

While many parents and resident welfare groups discuss and share textbooks, some do the same using social media. One of them is an online platform that was launched two years ago, which had stopped due to the pandemic but has now been relaunched.

A team of people, from, has over 200 members who post pictures of the textbooks on the website for parents and groups to connect from where used and old textbooks can be picked up. Parents can post photos of textbooks to sell, give away, and even trade.

Krupa DS, who launched the website, told the New Indian Express that people can post details of needed textbooks, such as publishers, year of printing, child’s grade and subjects. Parents can post pictures of the book for others to choose from.

The idea is not only to get rid of old books, but also to help the needy, especially those who are pursuing studies within the framework of RTE. “I wonder every year what to do with textbooks. I also approached my child’s school to give him the books, but the school refused and they asked me to search myself. So I ended up throwing them away,” said Shilpa L, parent of a Grade 5 student.


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