Three Levy County schools qualify for donation to Athletic Trainers Association of Florida | Local News


LEVY COUNTY — Postseason competition is starting to heat up in high school sports across the state as well as in Levy County.

And with athletes taking to the field to participate in a variety of sports, there is always the concern to keep players safe and avoid injury. Cramer Products Inc. has already done its part over the past few weeks after donating ankle braces to the Athletic Trainers Association of Florida (ATAF).

According to Brad Morgan, who is ATAF’s Northeast representative, these ankle braces have since been donated to a handful of Florida state high schools that have a higher enrollment in the program. free and reduced meals.

In Levy County, Morgan said three schools qualified. These include: Chiefland, Bronson and Williston. Each school that was part of the donation received 26 accolades. Nineteen large, one medium and six small.

When asked why it was important to do something like this for schools, Morgan said helping to prevent injuries was one of the main reasons ATAF decided to do it.

“Obviously kids all deserve the opportunity to participate in athletics,” he said. But with that involvement comes a risk of injury.

“Ankle injuries are by far one of the most common injuries in high school athletics…so that’s always a good place to start,” Morgan said.

Cramer Products Inc has a strong focus on sports medicine orthotics. According to Morgan, the company also specializes in other supplies. This includes athletic tape.

Morgan said he was one of six or seven regional representatives with the Athletic Trainers Association of Florida. They were also responsible for distributing ankle braces to schools.

According to Morgan, schools in Levy County received their distribution two weeks ago. While only three institutions have acquired ankle braces in the county, another high school could also receive a share of the donation.

“Cedar Key High School is probably going to have a few Bronson’s just because I work at both schools (and that was more than Bronson could handle,” Morgan said.


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