Suspected fake doctor poses as Auckland Uni medical student, corpses dissected


A man being investigated by police for allegedly using false documents to get a job as a doctor at Middlemore Hospital had previously been kicked out of a university after posing as a student in medicine for two years.

Things understands the man worked in the respiratory ward at Middlemore in South Auckland for several months before it was discovered he was in fact not a licensed doctor.

A doctor who Things agreed not to name, said the man was in his university class when it was discovered he had forged a student card for the University of Auckland and was carrying out cadaver dissections .

“We were all very shocked when it happened. I can’t believe it happened a second time… It’s pretty awful.

* Police are investigating a suspected impostor doctor at Middlemore Hospital

“This is her second bite of the cherry,” the doctor said.

The doctor said the man was a “pretty nice guy”, but people in the class were angry when they learned he was not in fact a student.

At the time, a spokesman for the university’s medical school said the man attended the second and third years of the six-year medical course.

He allegedly dissected corpses, the spokesman confirmed.

During the two-year period, he avoided lecturers by not putting his name on anything, he said.

On Thursday, the University of Auckland confirmed that the student involved in this incident was the same person Things includes getting a job at the Manukau Counties District Health Board, now known as Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau, using false documents.

A man reportedly worked at Middlemore Hospital without being registered as a doctor.  (File photo)

Kathryn George / Stuff

A man reportedly worked at Middlemore Hospital without being registered as a doctor. (File photo)

The university confirmed that the man had never been enrolled and did not graduate from medical school. The University of Otago, home to the country’s other medical school, also confirmed there was no record of his degree.

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In 2012, Professor John Fraser, Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland, said the university was “extremely concerned to discover that a person who had applied to enter the failed medical program in 2010 and had been attending Classes ever since.

Due to the size of the medical class and by not submitting seated assessments or tests, the individual was able to mislead classmates and teachers, Fraser said.

“Ultimately, this person’s presence was detected when an assignment was submitted that did not match any name on the class list.

“This individual is not a student and is not on any class roster. This individual has not received any confidential or restricted training materials and has never, to our knowledge, been able to examine patients or receive confidential patient information.

Fraser said at the time it was the first case in the medical school’s 43-year history.

In 2010, a University of Auckland associate professor, Warwick Bagg, said the man broke into the course after failing.

University students practice on each other, which is a problem. They are not very happy with the situation – they have given their consent.

Associate Professor Warwick Bagg and Professor John Fraser in 2012 after details emerged about the student.

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Associate Professor Warwick Bagg and Professor John Fraser in 2012 after details emerged about the student.

Bagg said the man and his family were in great distress after the public outing and staff were concerned for his well-being. His family was unaware that he was not officially enrolled in their course.

“Medicine is a profession built on trust. We pride ourselves on teaching ethics and professionalism to our students,” Bagg said.

Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau has confirmed that they have filed a complaint with the police about the man who is believed to be working as a doctor.

A spokesman for the organization said the man was hired in February “on the basis of documents which were not authentic”.

It does not appear that the man is registered as a medical professional in New Zealand or Australia.


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