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Gibbs was elected in a 2016 special election and was re-elected in 2019 to serve as a representative for District 72.

In February, State Rep. Debra Gibbs, a Democrat representing House District 72, announced her candidacy for the position of Hinds County Circuit Court Judge, Subdistrict 2. Reflecting on her experience in public and private sectors, Rep. Gibbs says she is ready to serve the community in a new capacity.

“I have the skills, experience and service history required to serve as a Hinds County Circuit Judge with distinction,” Rep. Gibbs said.

Gibbs told Y’all Politics that she has many years of judicial experience presiding over court hearings and approving settlements for injured workers in the state as commissioner of the Commission of Mississippi workers compensation.

Representative Gibbs is an attorney who served as a clerk in the Supreme Court of the State of Mississippi. She also led a division within the Mississippi State Department of Social Services. In addition to her law degree, Representative Gibbs holds an MBA and a degree in accounting.

“I honor the law, I have practiced the law, I have enacted the law, and now I am prepared to interpret the law with fairness, impartiality and promptness. I will continue to serve with integrity and courage,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs won the District 72 seat in a 2016 special election and was re-elected in 2019. Gibbs currently serves as Vice Chairman of the House Tourism Committee and is also a member of Banking and Financial Services, Education , ethics, justice. B and Medicaid Committees.

While in the Mississippi Legislature, Rep. Gibbs said she helped secure $100,000 for campus lighting at Callaway High School, $150,000 for improvements to Lake Hico and Northgate parks, and $300,000 for renovations, repairs and construction to the Cynthia and Pocahontas Volunteer Fire Departments.

“By staying focused on the needs of the community and showing up for work every day in the Legislative Assembly, I knew what we needed and how to meet those needs,” Gibbs said. “These improvements improve daily life and address the quality of life concerns that residents have brought to my attention. They mean much more than that though. They prove that when we work together, we can achieve great things.

If Gibbs won in November, a special election would be needed to fill the unexpired term of House District 72. This would likely happen even if qualifying for the 2023 state election takes place.


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