Self-recognized for 50 years of community service


WINONA WHITAKER, Editor-in-Chief

MOBERLY — Lloyd Pelfrey presented Ron Self with a former secretary’s pin during Wednesday’s Kiwanis meeting at Central Christian College of the Bible.

It has been a long time since the Kiwanis Club of Moberly has given out such a pin, Pelfry said. Self was a secretary for almost 50 years.

In the absence of Missouri State Rep. Ed Lewis, former Rep. Tim Remole read a resolution from the Missouri Legislative Assembly recognizing Self’s 50 years of outstanding service to the community and as a educator.

“I’ve known this guy for many years,” Remole said. “I appreciate everything you’ve done,” he told Self.

The resolution mentioned Self’s service with the Chamber of Commerce and Library, the Retired Teachers Association, and the Governing Body of the Bible Council. He noted that he received the 2016 Distinguished Educator Award and enjoys working on challenging puzzles.

“All I can say is someone was nosy,” Self said.

“I’ve known him for a long time,” JW Ballinger said earlier this month. His earliest memory of Self comes from East Park School where Self was headmaster. Everyone had great things to say about Self, Ballinger said.

“If you see him and talk to him, he has a lot of kindness in his heart,” Ballinger said of Self. It’s something a person needs when dealing with children, their parents and their teachers, Ballinger said.

Ballinger remembers going old school with Self. Built around 1938, the school is a solid building, Ballinger said. It was designed by the famous local architect, Ludwig Abt.

It only had three main when in use. The self was the last.

“I was one of the last seventh graders who attended park schools,” Ballinger said. “A lot of kids have passed through this building over the years.”

Ron’s wife, Phyllis, worked with Ballinger at Cairo Bank in Moberly, he said. Families have become friends.

Ballinger especially enjoyed Kiwanis Pancake Days with Self. The two greeted people and took the money for the annual breakfast.

“It was always a really fun day because you were meeting so many people…that you didn’t see very often,” Ballinger said.

“He’s just a kind, caring gentleman and he just had a gentle approach to things,” Ballinger said.

“I first met you in 1957,” Lloyd Pelfrey told Self on Wednesday. “You were 15.” Pelfrey had just moved to Moberly, and he met Self and Self’s parents’ house.

As a member of Kiwanis, Pelfrey finds Self’s contribution invaluable.

“One of my major contributions to the club was the appointment of Ron Self as club secretary,” said Pelfrey. Self has held this position since 1973.

“The secretary can give a very good image of a club to the national organization by the quality of the reports he sends,” said Pelfrey. He told Self on Wednesday, “You made us look better than we were.”

Self also served as secretary of the Central Christian College board of trustees for about 26 years, retiring in 2020, Pelfrey said. And he’s a member of the ambassadors who welcome new businesses to town.

“A lot of people in this town know him and his wife Phyllis,” Pelfrey said. “The two together have had a very positive impact on the community.”

Self said he wrote about 600 monthly reports while serving as Kiwanis secretary. “We have a wonderful replacement in Kevin.”

Being a secretary is one of the toughest jobs in Kiwanis, said David Mast. “I appreciate a club that has a good secretary.”


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