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A Rochdale doctor has helped over 1,000 students get into the medical schools of their dreams.

Dr Valeed Ghafoor, 32, is a general practitioner and trainer, with particular interests in medical education and medical training. He is also involved in the interview process with the University of Manchester Medical School.

Having previously held positions in psychiatry, sexual health and HIV, he also provides postgraduate training to doctors.

A boxer in his youth, Dr. Ghafoor initially wanted to pursue personal training, but his interest in the human body pushed him towards a career in medicine.

Dr Ghafoor, from Rochdale, studied medicine at the University of Manchester and graduated in 2014. He was part of the university’s Manchester Access Programme, a program in which he helped young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to Enter university.

For over a decade now, Dr. Ghafoor has been supporting students in their medical school applications. All of these students successfully entered medical school and became doctors in various medical specialties.

Dr. Ghafoor’s passion for helping students motivated him to start his own business, called The Future Medic. This is a team of experienced doctors, who coach medical applicants on all aspects of the application process, from writing a personal statement, to coaching UCAT exams, to mock interviews and mentoring.

The company also supports international students, to guide them through the medical school application process, so that they do not feel disadvantaged due to barriers or language barriers.

A highly accomplished scholar, Dr. Ghafoor also holds multiple accomplishments, including two research publications, twelve national poster presentations, three international oral presentations, and an internationally completed audit project.

Dr Valeed Ghafoor said: “I found the medical school application process daunting. As someone who attended a struggling public school, which eventually took special measures and closed, I didn’t get much guidance or Support.

“Over the past 10 years, the number of students I have helped number in the thousands.

“At The Future Medic, we have had tremendous success. We had a student who had amazing grades but wanted a higher UCAT score. After training him, he averaged over 750 on his UCAT test. It’s literally going to make the difference between him getting interviews and not getting them.

Recruiting students to become general practitioners is particularly important to Dr Ghafoor.

He continued“It’s not just about training doctors, but it’s about general medicine – they are struggling massively with recruitment at the moment.

“We need more people to get into medical school because there’s a real-time doctor shortage, and you need enough doctors to support a growing population.”

Additionally, Dr. Ghafoor highlighted the impact The Future Medic is having on the next generation of physicians.

He added: “[At The Future Medic]we are the only company to provide you with a fully qualified doctor, education specialist and academic investigator, so this level is not offered anywhere.

“Our students find us because they don’t understand the medical school application process, or they come to us with a problem and they’re looking for an answer.

“For example, they are worried that their personal statement is not good enough. Or, they have already been rejected from medical school.

“It makes me really happy to see our students succeed. Our students keep in touch and come back to ask for advice, for example, on which medical path they should specialize in.

“We also help international students because we understand how difficult it is for them to get into medical school in the UK. There are different fees and exams for them, and there is no real guidance, so that’s where we can help you.

Finally, Dr. Ghafoor offered advice to anyone considering applying to medical school, adding: “Medical school is a big commitment, you potentially spend 10 years of your life there. So plan well, talk to people in the profession and get work experience from a GP or hospital.

“Don’t leave your application to the last minute. Contact us at The Future Medic and we’d be happy to help.

Former student, Dr. Umair Gondal, works as a general practitioner. He praised The Future Medic for helping him find a place to study medicine.

He said: “Dr. Valeed’s support during my medical school application process was invaluable.

“His self-statement and mock interview tutorial sessions highlighted my strengths and highlighted key areas I could improve. It was extremely helpful in navigating the challenges and constraints of medical school applications. .

“His support was key in securing an offer to study medicine at my first choice university.

“I currently work as a GP for the NHS in the North West of England and teach students the same principles that Dr Valeed taught me.”

At The Future Medic, tutors provide personal statement coaching, interview coaching, UCAT tutoring, as well as mentoring.

To learn more about The Future Medic and its services, visit the company’s website here.

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