Rattler Round-Up Strikes: Recap – The Famuan

Organization and club members present at the Rattler Round-up. Photo courtesy: Jada Henderson

Efferson Student Union and Activities is holding a mandatory event for members of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) club and organization. This event took place in the Grand Ballroom.

The participation of each organization is a requirement to continue to be active and to organize events on campus. Several members of college clubs and organizations received information regarding sexual assault, hazing prevention, membership registration, volunteer services and more. Clubs and organizations ranged from NOMAS to WANM-FM 90.5, The Flava Station. Several representatives of clubs and organizations made an appearance and benefited from the information given during the event.

Graduate student Regan Green represented NOMAS, a club that is making a comeback on campus and represents architecture students in a professional setting. Green discussed the benefits of the mandatory event and what she will pass on to new members.

“It is important for members to attend this event as we need all of this relevant information to run our organization smoothly within AFE and as an organization,” said Green. “Many of the points tonight were insightful for members of the organization.”

Green continued, “As a new member, I learned to be a more influential member of my organization. I learned a lot of information that I can pass on to our new members so that they too can excel.

Several faculty members attended and spoke at the event highlighting key information. Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator Edward Kincheon discussed the purpose and importance of the Rattler Round-Up student event.

“Rattler Round-Up is an academic tenure program presented for organizational leadership,” Kincheon said. “We strongly encourage the president or liaison to attend the event so they hear information regarding Title IX, hazing policy, and Florida state laws. Also, the Inclusion and Volunteer Diversity Coordinator speaks up so they know about any policies that may have changed from last year to this year and new topics that we need to refresh every year.

Broadcast journalism student Stacey René represented WANM-FM 90.5, The Flava Station, the college radio station. René spoke about the significance of the event and what she learned.

“It’s important to be informed and to provide your members with the information they need,” said René. “I’ve learned that there’s so much that goes into coordinating organizations and be mindful of iStrike and get involved as much as possible for a better college experience. They do their best to be inclusive for everyone and offer the best FAMULY experience to every student.

Any club or organization members who were unable to participate in the Rattler Round-Up can find information on iStrike or contact the Student Activities Office.


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