Plan B Emergency Contraception at BU Vending Machines – NBC Boston


While reproductive rights remain in the spotlight, a vending machine the students helped bring to Boston University goes viral. It dispenses emergency contraception and is one of the first such machines in the country.

At a time when many worry about barriers to birth control, Boston University students are making plan B as simple as having a late-night snack. At the back of the student union, right next to the vending machines filled with energy drinks and candy, there is a machine that dispenses the morning after pill for only $7.25.

The machine was run by a group called Students for Reproductive Freedom. They decided to install it after seeing a similar one at Brandeis University. Since its launch in March, they have sold over 1,000 emergency contraceptive pills.

“We just wanted something that was inexpensive and easy to get to. You don’t have to take a train across town. You don’t have to call a doctor. It’s right there and you can get it whenever you need it,” said Charlotte Beatty, the group’s former co-chair.

Since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, demand for emergency contraception has skyrocketed, with some retailers like CVS now limiting how much you can buy.

“Roe’s reversal has made us even more proud to provide this service to people in our community,” said Molly Baker, the group’s former co-chair.

Photos of their self-funded vending machine recently went viral.

“It’s going viral because people are scared and it’s a solution,” said Rebecca Hart Holder, executive director of Reproductive Equity Now.

Reproductive Equity Now recently honored students at their annual gala. While the pills are now legal, the executive director said with the end of Roe, nothing is ruled out.

“We have to fight and plan for a nation that restricts access to birth control, which is a terrifying thing to say,” Hart Holder said.

Boston University students plan to fight him one vending machine at a time. They are already helping students at other schools who want a Plan B vending machine and have published a resource guide available to everyone. They hope to install more machines on their own campus and also stock it with different types of pills in the future.


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