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At the Osseo School Board meeting on October 19, four local students were introduced as the very first school board representatives for the district.

Maple Grove Senior Cal Thorson, Osseo Senior Faith Suah, Park Center sophomore Haniyah Dabney, and Osseo Area Learning Center senior Nadiyah Abdullah were chosen as representatives of the four students. of each respective high school.

“On behalf of the entire board, I want to express how excited and happy we are to have you here tonight. We value the voice of the students very much and we have such a diverse district and it is such an important part of our decision making process, ”Board Chair Kelsey Dawson Walton said at the meeting.

Osseo Superintendent Cory McIntyre said the district has been developing a school board student representatives program for the past few months, which began at the recent school board meeting.

“Our school board places a high priority on and values ​​the voice of students,” said McIntyre. “The perspectives, updates and suggestions you bring as school board representatives will provide excellent insight and have lasting impacts on the district. Taking on a leadership role will prepare you to lead whatever career path you choose later. We are very proud of each of you for taking this opportunity.

At the October 19 meeting, each of the representatives submitted a school report to the board. Thorson explained how a record 1,600 Maple Grove students attended the reunion dance this year, as well as athletic successes in women’s tennis and soccer. “The students showed a lot of zest during reunion week,” Thorson said.

Suah also spoke about Osseo’s record attendance at their dance and pep’s party, and how student leadership used social media for everyone involved in the week’s activities. “Our goal is to bring the spirit back to Osseo,” said Suah.

Dabney discussed the unified classes at Park Center, where special and non-special education students take classes together. “It’s a great opportunity to bond,” said Dabney. She also mentioned that during the homecoming dance, Park Center played diverse music, such as Afro and K-Pop, which she enjoyed because “the majority of our school is very diverse, ”she said. “I feel like it connects students more and makes them feel more accepted and like they have a home and a place to be. I really made connections with different cultures.

Abdullah explained how the Osseo Area Learning Center had 33 summer and early school year graduates. “We just plan to get more,” Abdullah said.

Amy Janecek is the school board’s student representative mentor, in addition to being a district director. Janecek is thrilled with the opportunity these students have to share their individual perspectives in each senior high school with the board.

“We are truly grateful and delighted that you are here, students,” Janecek said at the meeting. “We know that we are in a very diverse school community and that each of our [senior high schools] has different school cultures. For you students it might be part of your everyday high school experience, but for all of us what we hear is truly unique.

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