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Obafemi Awolowo University

Following strong protests from students at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife following the death of final year student Aishat Omowumi Adesina last Thursday evening, the institution’s management closed the campus and ordered the students to leave their halls of residence.

According to a statement released yesterday by the institution’s public relations manager, Abiodun Olanrewaju, the management condemned “in strong terms the continued and uncontrolled protests by students which resulted in unbridled robbery, blocking the Ife / Ibadan and Ife highways. / Ede and other roads that could be used as alternative routes.

The students noted that the students also engaged in other acts detrimental to their health and the safety of the general population.

“Consequently, after having exhausted all the means necessary to call the students to order and allow the return to normalcy on the campus and its surroundings, the authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University, in Ile Ife, consequently closed school until further notice. This is to avoid a further collapse of law and order.

“With this in mind, all students are invited to leave their residence and the campus no later than Saturday October 2, 2021 at 12 noon.

“As a result, the swearing-in of the newly elected Student Union officials has been suspended, pending a review of the situation.

“In the meantime, the management of the university has put in place the mechanisms to elucidate the circumstances surrounding the immediate and remote cause (s) of the crisis,” the statement added.

The students had organized a demonstration against the management of the establishment following the death of a colleague of the last year, Adeshina, of the department of foreign languages.

The protesting undergraduates claimed that Aishat died as a result of neglect of the school’s health center. They further claimed that the student was taken to the emergency medical facility, but the medical staff on duty refused to pay attention to the deceased.

It was heard that Aishat had respiratory complications when she was rushed to the health center and then transferred to the Seventh-day Adventist hospital in the ancient city where she ultimately died. .

Irritated by his disappearance, the students stormed the institution’s health center in protest.

They also left the campus and blocked the busy Ife / Ibadan highway for a few hours yesterday. The protesting students, who chanted songs to express their displeasure, prevented vehicle movements as they stood on the Campus / Lagere road and the Ife / Ibadan highway.

In the meantime, the institution’s student union has asked management to investigate the case. A statement released by Olalekan Ogunperi, elected public relations manager of the Great Ife Student Union, lamented that many students have lost their lives as a result of neglect at the school health center.

“Adesina Aishat, a 400-level student in the Department of Foreign Languages, has just joined the list of many students who have lost their lives through negligence at the University’s Health Center. It saddens us that a member of our union has to be sent home as a corpse when her family expects her to graduate with prospects.

“We send our condolences to the family of the deceased. But while we mourn Aishat, we cannot lose sight of the circumstances that led to her death, especially the role of the University Health Center. Aishat’s death is not the first to occur due to the negligence of workers at the health center. It is only one of many.

“We call on the management of the university to investigate this death and to punish all health workers who failed in the performance of their duties when Aishat needed assistance they did not give,” but only transferred her in her last moments to the hospital on the seventh day where she finally passed away. Without a proper and prompt investigation (which must actively involve and be communicated to students) and imposed sanctions, the university leadership will put the lives of students in danger. We cannot let our lives become toys. We will have to protest because we cannot afford to continue to waste our lives like chickens. Our lives matter! Ogunperi said.

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