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NEWBURYPORT – The Newburyport Education Foundation recently selected Newburyport High School Class 2023 member Olivia Hansen as one of two student representatives on the foundation’s board of directors.

Hansen has been appointed as the student representative for her class and joins Owen Roberts, the student representative for the class of 2022. Hansen will begin her two-year term immediately.

“From the first moment we spoke with her, it was evident that Olivia had a very sincere passion for the mission of our organization,” said Andrea Weetman, President of NEF, in a statement. “We are very pleased to welcome her to our Board of Directors and look forward to the impact she will have on our organization.

The NEF selected Hansen based on her commitment to her community through service, her understanding of the history and impact of the NEF, her involvement in the arts, her involvement in the dual enrollment program, and her belief that she has skills that will complement the strengths of the other student representative.

In addition to having a strong resume, Hansen volunteers as a summer camp counselor at the Theater in the Open, teaching children art, theater and dance. She is also a volunteer choir assistant for the Greater Newburyport Children’s Chorus.

Her extracurricular activities include being a member of the Grand Port Sound choir and piano teacher. She is also working on her associate’s degree in biology under the NHS Dual Enrollment Program, a program funded in part by the NEF.

Besides Hansen, NEF board members include: Barb Bailey, Kenneth Cole, Nick DeKanter, Kristine Enes, Ray Felts, Sean Gallagher, Colleen Guillou, LisaMarie Ippolito, Cindy Johnson, Lisa Langis, Mariana Lynch, David Marroncelli, Matt McCann, Allie Morris, Nicole Nadeau, Carrie O’Donnell, Dep Pare, Kathleen Petrie, Sean Reardon, Owen Roberts, Kristin Spinney, Rosemary Turgeon, Andrea Weetman and Andrew Wulf.

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