Mizo student union warns non-tribal entrepreneur over ST certificate


AIZAWL: The Mizo Student Union (MSU), one of the most influential and prominent student bodies in Mizoram, on Wednesday called on a non-tribal entrepreneur, who allegedly fraudulently acquired a programmed tribe certificate from the government of State 3 years ago, to submit the certificate to the issuing authority no later than February 18.

The student body has warned to launch a search operation for the trader, who is now free if he does not return the certificate within a deadline.

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A press release issued by the student body said the non-tribal entrepreneur, whose original name was Kamrul Laskar Uddin, changed his name to Kamlova Chhangte (a Mizo first name and a clan name) and an ST certificate. was issued to him accordingly in June 2018 from the Aizawl District Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

Although he appealed to Aizawl’s deputy commissioner in November last year to have the tribal certificate revoked, action could not be taken due to the fire in the deputy commissioner’s office, he said. said the student body.

The student body had also appealed to Uddin, who promised student leaders he would seek the rescission on Feb. 7, but did not do so on time, citing an emergency, he said.

Uddin has been missing since February 7 and has not been reachable by phone since then, the student body said.

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Citing that issuing a tribal certificate to non-tribals is not safe for indigenous Mizos, the student body said they would not simply ignore the issue.

He asked the non-tribal contractor to deliver the certificate to Aizawl’s deputy commissioner by February 18 or he would initiate a search for him, he said.

Earlier, the Central Committee of the Young Mizo Association, the largest civil society group in Mizoram, also demanded the cancellation of the Scheduled Tribe Certificate issued to Uddin.

The organisation’s chairman, R. Lalngheta, had said he would file a complaint with the state interior minister against the issuance of a Scheduled Tribe certificate to the man who now goes by the name Kamlova. Change.

Uddin owns a construction farm in the locality of Thuampui in Aizawl. He would have married a Mizo woman and lives in Thuampui in Aizawl.

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According to the ST certificate, whose photo has gone viral on social media, Kamlova Chhangte’s father is Tlangchhuana Chhangte.

There is an ancient Mizo custom known as Saphun which allows people from one clan to adopt the customs and practices of another clan.

In such a case, a person from one clan, say Ralte, will be adopted into another clan, say, Sailo. He can then bear the name of the Sailo clan.

This custom, however, gradually disappeared with the advent of Christianity in Mizoram and is no longer practiced.

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Mizo customary law experts have stated that the Saphun custom only applies between Mizo clans and a non-Mizo cannot become a Mizo under the Saphun custom, although it is still practiced.


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