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Meyer gershater

A first year medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine has been invited by Keystone eSymposia to present a summary on maternal-fetal immunity of the newborn at a virtual event to be held on October 28-29 .

Meyer Gershater will present “Short Talk: Interleukin-22 Plays a Dual Role in Maternal-Fetal Immunity: Fetal Tissue Injury and Host Defense Against Microbes” from 7.45pm to 8pm. October 28.

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The summary highlights the role of an immune molecule, interleukin 22, which exhibits context-dependent functions in mediating the host’s response to infection, as well as damage to the fetus in the amniotic cavity. .

“These results were obtained using several experiments using both clinically relevant human samples and mouse models. This study helps us better understand the immunological basis of infection in the amniotic cavity in late pregnancy, ”said Gershater.

Gershater began working in the lab of Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, Ph.D., over 18 months ago.

“I feel honored and delighted that this summary has been selected to be presented at such a prestigious event. I am also extremely grateful to my mentors and lab members for their support, ”said Gershater. “I think our abstract was accepted because it demonstrates good science with important clinical relevance in the context of maternal-fetal immunity.”

Members of the Gomez-Lopez lab provided mechanistic evidence showing that the immune mediator plays a central role in the host’s response against infection of the amniotic cavity.

“We also found that this immune mediator is mainly expressed on the maternal side of the placenta by specific immune cells such as T cells; however, under special circumstances, this mediator can cross the placenta, reach the amniotic cavity and cause fetal damage. Thus, our results confer a dual role to interleukin 22 at the mother-fetus interface in late pregnancy, ”said Dr Gomez-Lopez.

Dr Gomez-Lopez is Section Head of the Maternal-Fetal Immunobiology Unit and Deputy Director of the Project Site for Translational Science at the Perinatal Research Initiative, in support of the Perinatal Research Branch of National Institutes of Health at WSU.

Her laboratory’s research is focused on the study of the immunobiological pathways of pregnancy and pregnancy-related pathologies, with an emphasis on preterm labor. Visit for more information.

“I am proud of our team and everyone who contributed to this study, especially our leader, Roberto Romero, MD, D.Med.Sci., As well as laboratory members Marcia Arenas-Hernandez, MSc, Ph. D.; Kenichiro Motomura, MD, Ph.D .; José Galaz, MD; Yi Xu, Ph.D.; Li Tao, M.Sc.; and Derek Miller, MSc. She said. “In my opinion, our summary was accepted because our work is mechanistic, novel, and provides a valuable addition to current knowledge on maternal-fetal immunity. “


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