Menahga School Trains New Teacher and Parent Groups – Park Rapids Enterprise


The new administration of the Menahga school is setting up new committees for greater involvement of parents or teachers. They were announced during a working session on September 12.

Superintendent Jay Kjos forms an advisory committee with teacher leaders and the entire administration. It would meet monthly to discuss the needs, wants and desires of teachers at the district level.

“The goal is to create a culture of trust,” he said.

Kjos said there would be a formal selection process, with a two-year term limit. “There are going to be certain expectations,” he continued, such as attending all meetings and maintaining confidentiality. “In order to ensure an open dialogue, we must follow this.”

Kjos spoke with the teacher’s union representative, who expressed enthusiasm for the idea.

“A lot of the staff I’ve spoken to are really happy to have a table to raise their concerns, and we’re going to listen. … If we can fix it and it’s something we can do right , we are going to do it,” he said.

Committee members would receive no compensation, Kjos explained. Meetings will be held after school and they will report back to the school board.

The elementary director, Margaux Hylla, is setting up a parent advisory committee (PAC).

The interest is high, she says. “The feedback I get is that the community would like something to be initiated by the school.”

Kjos explained that the PAC would be an outside entity. “We wouldn’t hold any funds for a group like that. It would be like a booster club.

At this point, Hylla said the PAC would not have a fundraising element. She would just like to involve the parents.

Board chair Andrea Haverinen said it may evolve into an educational foundation in the future. I’m all for more people getting involved, always,” she said.

Hylla will send letters of interest.


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