Low-key New Years Eve in Union County with increasing COVID cases


With COVID cases at an all time high, people are reconsidering their plans for New Years Eve.

LEWISBURG, Pa. – “We usually sit here at least three to four times a week,” says Don Ziolkowski.

Don and Lauren Ziolkowski of Lewisburg do this often.

“It’s like a ritual,” says Lauren Ziolkowski.

The father-daughter duo of All Star Bagels in Lewisburg say sitting outside is about the only public meal they have had since the start of the pandemic.

“People know us for sitting here and that’s what we do, we don’t go to restaurants where people congregate,” says Don.

In a community where even the gloomy weather doesn’t hold people home, COVID just might.

“From what I understand the virus is spreading like wildfire, I’m sure this new variant is really contagious,” Lauren said.

The Ziolkowskis say they will ring the New Year away from the crowds.

“One of my favorite bands around the world is playing a show in Brooklyn and I guess the question kind of boiled down to, it wasn’t if I go I will have COVID, it’s like if I went, how bad is COVID, ”Lauren says.

“You know, with this new variant and things, I stay away from the crowds, I stay safe, and I keep people safe at the same time,” Don said.

Many others say the same thing.

“I plan to stay home and plan to try not to catch COVID,” says Frank Manzano from Milton.

When asked if they had given any thought to their New Year’s plans, some students at Bucknell University replied, “Not really.”

The student-athletes at Bucknell University have said they won’t take any risks that could make them quit before a big game.

“We have to be a lot more careful, aware of what we’re doing, who we’re with,” says Nicole Davis of Bucknell.

And while a lot of people tell me they’re keeping pretty low-key this year over New Years due to COVID, they say this city is generally pretty quiet around this time of year with students leaving the city. Unless they go to one of those bars or restaurants that are open late at night.

“There are a lot of people who are being vaccinated in the area and with that like the third booster, I guess it comforts a lot of people, going out on vacation and seeing old friends that they went to high school with,” Jessie Lee says. , bartender / waiter at Bull Run Tap House in Lewisburg.

Bull Run Tap House employees say based on the past few weeks they believe New Years Eve will be busy for bars.

ALEX: “I still think there’s a little bit of worry, you know, about COVID and the new variants and the like, but everyone here has taken every precaution, sanitizing all the tables,” Alex says. Daniels, Kitchen Manager at Bull Run Tap House.

As for the Ziolkowskis, they still have plans for New Year’s Eve.

“I’m going to stream the balloon from Times Square and watch the crowds there,” Don said.

“A friend and I thought we would just get together and set some intentions for the New Year. Be in bed by 10:30 pm, ”Lauren says.

Just the most isolated that include more rest by 2022.

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