Free for All: Student Government Provides Testing Materials for Students | News


As midterms are in full swing, student government, along with the EJ Ourso College of Business, are offering a helping hand for students in need of testing materials.

Both groups offer students the opportunity to obtain scantrons and blue books to meet midterm and other testing needs.

Since the start of COVID in 2020, many tests for students have gone virtual, which has almost completely eliminated the need for paper materials. With more tests coming back in person, some of these materials may be a little harder to find.

“A couple of my professors asked us to use scantrons,” said LSU student Matthew Morse. “The only place I’ve seen where I can buy them is at the Union or the bookstore. After a while they start to get expensive.”

While students are struggling, the Office of Student Government has made itself available to help students obtain the supplies they need.

“They’re not always just at the Office of Student Government, but that’s mostly where you’re going to find them.” said Honors College Council President Madeline Malbrough. “Each student can get two a day, so you won’t run out.”

Not only does student government provide test materials for students, but they also allow students to print for free. The SG Office grants each student 50 copies per semester to use as they see fit.

The Office of Student Government is located on the first floor of the Student Union, and another office is located on the second floor.


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