Fort Worth medical students rally to donate shoes to children in need – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


On Saturday, medical students from the TCU School of Medicine helped 50 students from Fort Worth’s Stop 6 neighborhood live out their sneaker dreams at a Hurst Foot Locker.

Sam Sayed is a second-year medical student. He was inspired by an act of kindness from his big sister Dayna.

“One summer she surprised me and our brother and she said, let’s go to the shoe store and pick out any pair of Nikes you want,” said Sam Sayed, co-founder of Dayna’s Footprints.

In 1997, 16-year-old Dayna Sayed was killed in a drive-by shooting.

“It’s a way for us to follow in her footsteps, hence the name Dayna’s Footsteps,” Sayed said. “We hope she shines on us with a big smile because she really is the inspiration behind it all.”

Tiffaney Stewart also participated in the shoe drive. Her 10 children loved their new shoes during the event. Like Sayed, Stewart also lost a family member.

“I have nine children that I’ve given birth to,” Stewart said. “I have custody of my sister’s son. She was murdered here in Forest Hill almost 3 years ago.

Sam and his fellow medical students may have discovered that the prescription for happiness is caring for others.

“It takes a huge load off my shoulders,” Stewart said. “Having 10 kids is a struggle, but I’m getting there, and I just appreciate Dayna’s Footprints for helping me.”

Community members and counselors helped select the children who participated in the shoe drive.

This year, $29,000 has been raised to purchase nearly 250 shoes to date.


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