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Freshmen from the Stillwater-area High School eagerly awaited the results of the student council election on October 19, 2021. The results were posted on Instagram to announce the six freshmen who were inducted by the popular vote of their peers.

Each fall, all first year students are invited to report to student council. There is no limit to the number of freshmen who can show up, but only the six with the most votes will be inducted. Representatives for sophomores, juniors and seniors are elected in the spring for the following year, allowing them to start planning during the summer.

Student council adviser Dusty Dennis said it was the most freshmen than ever before, and he was tempted to add eight reps instead of six, but for the moment they kept the same.

However, there are more requirements to run for student council than to display a poster. Each elected freshman is required to attend an information meeting, complete an application, and have two weeks to campaign. The six freshmen who voted to be inducted this year were Anderson Wagner, Ann McGlynn, Connor McGlynn, Maysen Puhrmann, Naomi Herr and Tyson Fredkove.

Freshman Maysen Puhrmann said she handed out candy and put up posters, but “the hardest part is showing off.”

Each week, the Student Council meets on Tuesday at 7:10 am in the main forum room. Chairs have an agenda to get feedback and assign tasks to, and other ideas are generated.

“The meeting was really, really cool. Just to see everyone have their say, sharing ideas and feedback was fun, ”said Puhrmann.

Although six new freshmen have been inducted, many pre-existing members feel relatively new to the board. Due to COVID-19, only 7 of 40 members were involved in event planning in a normal year, which can be difficult. Due to a lack of interest and publicity due to the hybrid school format during the 2020-2021 school year, all who applied were inducted into the student council.

“Our dynamic is on both sides. There is a lot of passion and ideas, but not quite an understanding of how to perform due to the number of members who don’t have that previous experience, ”said Dennis.

In particular, the Student Council has not been able to organize its traditional dances, meetings and BLAST week events in 2 years. The only event that could be hosted last year during COVID-19 was Senior Sunrise. Because these events weren’t held last year, there is an increase in attendance and enthusiasm, and increasing pressure for the Student Council to host events that are fun for the student body.

“BLAST (Be Loving and Sharing Together) week will certainly be the biggest challenge. It’s a great thing and we haven’t done it for two years, I want it to be special, ”said Hannah Heintz, junior student council representative, when asked what would be difficult this year.

Traditionally, the student council has organized BLAST week events, reunion dance, Pep Fest, snoball and battle of the orchestras. In addition to these events, there is an underlying theme of bringing positive change to the school and uniting the student body which is a constant goal of the student council.

“In the future, I would very much like the council to be a force in the school and have an impact on the student body in addition to what it traditionally does, like planning dances and school events,” explained Dennis.

The Student Council will be planning upcoming events such as Holiday Serenades in December, BLAST Week, Battle of the Bands and Snoball in February.

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