Deadline passes for LAUSD employees to be vaccinated against COVID


LOS ANGELES, CA – Monday was the deadline for employees of the Unified School District of Los Angeles to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and those who did not get exemptions face termination.

As of Monday evening, it was not immediately clear how LAUSD employees might be subject to disciplinary action. A representative from LAUSD said the data is still being compiled.

A spokesperson for Los Angeles Unified told City News Service early Monday evening: “Employees working in person at Los Angeles Unified have been vaccinated. There are a few employees who still have until the end of the day today. hui to download their second dose vaccine package Employees who have not been vaccinated and have not received reasonable accommodations will continue with the termination process.

As the November 15 deadline approached, the school district already had remarkable compliance with 99% of district administrators and teachers already uploading their immunization status to the district’s Daily Pass reporting system. Other employees, including administrative assistants, plant managers and cafeteria managers, had reached 97% compliance by the end of October.

The school district has required its employees to have at least one dose of the vaccine by October 15 and receive both by November 15, after extending the deadline to October.

In a statement, a district representative said the delay was agreed “in order to protect the health and safety of all students and employees and also to ensure that all employees can get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine of their choice.

According to the district’s website, employees who do not meet immunization requirements may face “disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, placement on unpaid leave and / or separation from service.” .

The district warrant allows employees to request medical or religious exemptions.

School board member Jackie Goldberg told KNX Newsradio on Monday that workers who miss Monday’s deadline and are made redundant will still be able to get vaccinated and possibly return to their jobs.

“Even if they’ve been made redundant, if they get vaccinated and ask to be rehired within a certain timeframe, if there is a vacant position in their field, which may very well be the case, they will be rehired, ”she said.

The district released a statement last month saying, “Our charge remains clear: Los Angeles Unified is committed to providing your child with the best possible education in the safest possible environment. We know children learn and thrive best with in-person instruction where they can. interact with their teachers and classmates, participate in extracurricular activities and access the academic and socio-emotional support they deserve. “

LAUSD students aged 12 and over participating in in-person after-school programs were required to receive their first dose by October 3 and their second by October 31. All other students aged 12 and over should receive their first dose by November 21, and their second by December 19.

Younger students should receive their first dose no later than 30 days after their 12th birthday, and their second dose no later than eight weeks after the age of 12. The district recommends, but does not mandate, COVID vaccines for students aged 5 to 11.

The mandate applies to all students in the district, as well as to charter school students on co-located district school facilities. Students “with qualified and approved exemptions under existing LAUSD vaccination policies” will be exempt.

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