Creighton Student Union President Provides Student Body Update | Stage


Our Jesuit value of “Cura Personalis” or “Care for the Individual” compels each of us not only to be “agents of change”, but a friend to one another during difficult times. I ask that each of us be friends with one another, as the past few weeks have been difficult for our large Creighton community.

We continue to pray and mourn for all of the student members of Creighton that we have lost over the past few weeks, namely Mary Kate Phelan, Annie Semb and Gabrielle Muniz and her daughter Rozara Estevez. Their spirit, legacy and memory will forever be linked to Creighton University. To their family and friends: thank you for sharing each of them with us.

Since the last Creightonian update in February, Creighton Students Union has engaged in some projects.

On February 28, a new legislative resolution titled “People for and with Others” passed the House of Delegates 22-0-2 and the Cabinet 7-0. This legislative resolution sought to change the wording of our Jesuit value “Men and women for and with others” to “People for and with others”. The purpose of this legislation was not to change an inherent secular Jesuit value – that power remains only with the Society of Jesus. We are looking to simply transition the value wording to be more inclusive of all shared identities within the Bluejay community. As history has demonstrated, this is not the first time that value has undergone a wording transition. Value was once shared as “Men for Others”.

University leadership shared that Creighton will express this important and distinctive missionary charisma in multiple ways. We are delighted that as a community for and with others, our Ignatian charism reflects our respect for the dignity of all.

On March 2, in partnership with Campus Ministry, the Creighton Student Union held a prayer service urging, calling and praying for world peace. As stated in a previous address, the Creighton Student Union stands with Ukraine, for democracy and for world peace.

On March 19, the CSU program board hosted an ax throwing excursion. In addition, the program committee organizes weekly events on Wednesdays after classes at Skutt. Thanks also to the Program Board for planning the upcoming Spring Jam, April 22-24. Spring Jam will consist of campus festivities, trips to some of Omaha’s entertainment hubs like the zoo, and more. Additionally, the CSU Program Board is also reviewing nominations for this year’s upcoming Reunion Court.

Through the work of the CSU Appropriations Committee, CSU has allocated more than $50,000 to undergraduate clubs to help sports clubs participate in national competitions, cultural events, and speakers.

Finally, CSU is still collecting applications for appointments to university committees. Applications are due this Friday and can be found on the CSU CUInvolved page. Student nominees will join faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni in helping to shape the University community, as outlined in our University Statutes. It’s a tremendous privilege for students to really make an impact on the Bluejay community.

Bluejays, I hope you have a great rest of the semester.


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