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Assam Covid vaccination: 500 schools in Assam have been transformed into Covid vaccination centers.


500 schools in Assam have been turned into Covid vaccination centers as the state today opened vaccines for adolescents aged 15 to 18 amid a wave of Covid cases in the country. More than 80,000 students lined up for their IDs as teachers registered their names on the Cowin portal on the first day of the vaccination campaign.

With over 20 lakhs of children aged 15-18, Assam faces a colossal task as it targets a single dose for all recipients within a week. With the March-April board reviews in mind, the state plans to vaccinate teens with both doses before that time.

“We would be able to cover the total of 20 lakhs of children in this age group, in my opinion, within 45 days and at most within 60 days,” the Chief Minister of the Government said today. ‘Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, at the Statewide 15-18 Age Group Vaccination Launch.

The process was also made easier for the students as the classrooms were used as vaccination centers.

“We use the attendance register and see who is eligible for the vaccine. After which their proof of identity is searched and a ticket is given to them. Then comes the vaccination,” the head of a public school told NDTV, Indrani Talukdar.

Assam plans to expand this vaccination campaign further, as the state plans to convert at least 20 schools in large districts and at least 10 in small districts to vaccination camps.

Although some children seemed concerned about the jab, overall the response was positive for the state government.

“Some of the students are a little anxious and stressed out, but a lot of them felt happy after receiving the vaccine,” Immunization team member Dr Trishna Medhi told NDTV today.

“We are really relieved that the vaccines have been rolled out for us as cases are on the rise,” said a class 9 student.

Another student said: “We used to be afraid of the injections, but after we got the vaccine the fear disappeared.

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