Celebrate the first day of school in Champaign-Urbana


We have some ideas on how to commemorate, honor and celebrate the first day of school

Traditions big and small, we share how we celebrate the first day of school with our families while you think about how you could punctuate the end of summer

The first day of school arrives every year, ready or not! We worked on getting back to routine, rushing last-minute dentist appointments and vaccination visits, and shopping (and shopping…and shopping) for school supplies. And while you may already have some traditions, this may be your very first year. Members of our team in Chambanamoms shared how we celebrate the first day of school with our own families, and we’ve put together a handy sign for you to use this year if you wish. May we all have a wonderful, safe and healthy school year full of learning!

Thank you Christie Clinic for featuring our Champaign-Urbana Area 2022 Back to School Series.

Christie Clinic wants you to give your children a great start to the school year. Parents can currently book their children’s back-to-school appointments through their MyChristie patient portal or by using online appointment scheduling at christieclinic.com. Find more information about school physical exams here.

How we celebrate back to school

“My kids are having different first days of school this year! Will spread the excitement over two days. There’s usually a trip to TCBY and/or Custard Cup involved in the celebration and a pool party. Need to squeeze those last moments of days at the pool.
– Mother of children in primary, middle and high school

“The period leading up to the first day of school always brings excitement, but is tinged with anxiety (for the high school student, whether his friends will be in his class?) And melancholy (saying goodbye to the student until ‘at Thanksgiving). I’ll always get a picture of the high schooler’s first day on the front porch. Probably. And we’ll always go out for some ice cream before the student flies away, because they have a new appreciation for ice cream that’s paid for by someone else. Otherwise, the first day is pretty much theirs now – I’ll be right here with the nostalgia of all the first days that came before.
– Mom of children in high school and college

“It seems like everything is happening in the days leading up to the start of the school year. With returning to school myself a few days before my own children do, I feel exhausted by the time their first day arrives. Of course, we have to take the back-to-school photos in the same place every year, but now that my children have grown up, they want me to participate in the back-to-school excitement as well. We always try to enjoy a back to school treat the day before I return to work and then make sure I can be fully present when they return to school later in the week as well. I usually don’t sleep that week before returning to work for the summer because all the emotions hit at once – excitement, nervousness, feeling unprepared, overflowing with summer, imminent awakenings, getting back to routines , etc. How many days until can we all enjoy summer again? »
– The educator mother

“I’m now planning to visit all of our favorite places a few more times before it starts to get cold! We can’t wait to visit parks without big kids, swim in the pool a few more times, and hang out with the kids. Curtis Orchard kittens in the middle of a weekday!Not to mention the library will be a little less crowded, and for a mom with a shy toddler, that’s a dream come true.
– Mom of children not yet in school

“In addition to scheduled back-to-school events to drop off supplies, practice combination locks, etc., we will have another summer outing before heading home. Sometimes it’s a swimming pool, sometimes the orchard… whatever we can ALL agree on as a fun way to spend one last summer afternoon. Back-to-school morning, I dust off the adult-size t-shirts with their graduation year that they’ve tried on every year on the first day of school, and plan to buy a few of them from the front porch pictures of s flee to the bus. We keep things pretty simple and I’ll happily remind them that I’m not asking for much, just a few quick moments before the day (and year) kicks off.
– Mom in the heart of the school years

“I’m going to throw a party!” Alleluia!”

– Work from home Dad of three school-aged children

And you? How will your family celebrate back to school? And a free printable for you!

Remember, back-to-school traditions don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Photos, ice cream, a few fun times looking at summer photos on your camera roll, or taking a moment to write cards for this year’s teachers are all great ideas. One thing we see all over social media around the time of back to school is signs; kids holding a sign, pictures of kids printed on a sign, all kinds of different things.

We’ve created a template for you to use this year. Simply print the PDF linked here and fill it in with your child’s information so they can keep it for the back-to-school photo on the first day. Or save it to your camera roll and add text in any program you like to share on social media. Don’t forget to tag Chambanamoms in your back-to-school photos and have a great first day!

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