CBSE launches the “DADS” portal allowing students to apply online for duplicate academic documents of class 10, 12


New Delhi, June 27: The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) on Saturday launched a system of duplicate school documents (DADS). The system will help applicants obtain duplicates of their academic documents, like grade sheets, migration certificates, etc. in case they lose one. To request the lost documents, applicants should log into the official board website – and apply on the link and apply on the link cbse / web / dads / home.aspx.

After receiving the request, the regional council offices will print the documents. Students will receive their documents via speed post. The portal will also help students track the details of their application. They will receive digital and hard copies of their documents. The portal was launched due to the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid the physical presence of students, which was required earlier. CBSE is developing a portal to help schools compile the results of Class Council 12 2021 exams.

The board, in its official statement, said: “Looking at the COVID conditions and difficulties of the students, the IT department has come up with a safe, fast and viable solution through a newly developed internal portal named DADS (Duplicate Academic Document System). He further added: “The facility will avoid the human contact and physical presence of students required so far and reduce the travel, time and energy spent by students and parents who can now obtain leaves. duplicate grades, a certificate of completion, a migration certificate through this online portal. Board 2021 Exams Update: Supreme Court dismisses petitions challenging CBSE and ICSE decision to cancel exams.

In particular, the documents of the examinations carried out in 2017 or after are available in the digilocker provided by the council. Students are also required to submit a fee of Rs 100 with their request for duplicate documents before 2017. Applicants can print the documents provided in digital format by paying a fee. To print documents up to five years, applicants are required to pay Rs 250, for 5 to 10 years they must pay Rs 500, and for more than 10 years the fee is Rs 1,000.

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