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Scott Harden

First published in the August 11 print issue of Pasadena Outlook.

By Scott Harden
Special for Outlook

Just as we have done since 1915, PUSD’s PTA Council proudly stands at the intersection of our Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre public schools and the communities they serve, advocating for opportunity, success and the well-being of every PUSD student.
Across our district, 20 unique Parent-Teacher Associations nurture a culture of advocacy and engagement in their local schools. From programs and activities designed to enrich the educational experience to volunteerism that lightens the load on our hard-working teachers and administrators, APEs are the backbone of the parent and community engagement experience.
But we couldn’t do the quality work we do without the support and partnership of all the parent engagement groups in our community. And that’s why this year, the operating theme of the PTA Council is “Building Bridges” through our educational community. By leveraging our strong relationships with on-campus advocacy groups and strengthening our ties with hard-working community groups.
As we do every year, the PTA Board has set great goals to achieve the bridge building we envision. And in this spirit, we will strive to:
• Bringing our community together. We will work to ensure that our PTA leaders and members are connected across schools so they can benefit, learn and uplift each other.
• Clarify the “why” behind PTA. Everyone has heard of PTA, but we found that not everyone knows the true mission of PTA as a program and advocacy organization. PTA strives to represent every child, especially those who need it most.
• Increase our community outreach. We want to be partners and collaborators with staff and leaders in our district. We believe that by showing up when important decisions are made, we can continue the conversations that ensure public education is representative of all who benefit from it.
• Increase diversity among our members and leaders. Our PUSD APEs are strong and reliable child advocates. But we have to make sure they speak for all of us. We plan to increase inclusive training and leadership development to ensure that each APE is like the school it represents.
As Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PUSD PTA Council, I am proud to represent our committed leaders and members on this wonderful journey of inclusion and advocacy for all PUSD students. I encourage you to visit to find out how you can join your local PTA and take this journey with us.

Scott Harden is Chairman of the PTA Council of the PUSD.

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