Bibi Donraadt Illustrates Maryland Made


Donraadt’s involvement with World Wide Terps and later Gossett Fellows put her on the radar of Maryland Made staff members, who encouraged her to stay on track and get involved. After the 2020 Pre-Health Terps revamp, the program expanded and Donraadt chose to join us.

“I started attending meetings in my freshman year, then last year I was able to get a position on the board,” noted Donraadt. “This year, I decided to stay longer.”

Donraadt’s current position is Director of International Athlete Recruitment and Engagement, a title she is proud to hold.

“I always wanted to combine World Wide Terps and Pre-Health Terps, so I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to be the representative of international student-athletes.”

Donraadt draws on personal experience to inform his leadership role at Pre-Health Terps.

“It’s a little different depending on the country from which you have just entered vocational schools. I, for example, want to go back to the Netherlands to go to medical school,” Donraadt said. “I want to help other international student-athletes who want to go to professional school in their home country or stay in the United States, which will make it a little easier for them.”

“I try to be there for all the members throughout the semester, outside of meetings,” noted Donraadt. “I have a lot of people texting me, especially since I was in fifth grade, like, ‘oh, what class did you take here…what teacher?’ Since there are not many student-athletes on the pre-health track, it is very helpful that we can meet each other this way and help each other.


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