ASUA Notebook 4/13/22: Senate discusses passing mandatory meal plan


University of Arizona student associates met this Wednesday, April 13 to discuss announcements and upcoming plans, including the Arizona Board of Regents’ adoption of mandatory student meal plans. on the campus. The meeting opened at 6:04 p.m. and closed at 6:26 p.m.

Two senators were absent: College of Public Health Senator Edda Anderson and College of Architecture Senator Lauren Heath. None of these senators are about to have the five unexcused absences to be eligible for automatic impeachment. The only senator who can be impeached if he misses another meeting is Eller College of Management senator Jack Healy, who was late for the meeting.

Club financing (Credit Committee)

With no old business to discuss, the first item of new business was the approval of the Appropriations Board minutes. The Appropriations Committee met on April 11 and approved general funding for the Philippino American Student Association, the Graduate Christian Fellowship, and the Physiology Club. They declined general funding from the Association of College Filmmakers. The minutes are approved.


The last meeting of the credit council will take place on Monday April 18, which will be the last time for clubs to apply for funding for the remainder of the year. Club registrations will end in September 2022 for the upcoming fall semester.

Special elections for the updated constitution will be held on Wednesday, April 27. The amended constitution can be viewed on the ASUA website.

Meal plan update

College of Fine Arts Sen. Jack Haskins briefed the Senate on passing the meal plan fee at the April 7 ABOR meeting. The proposal, according to ABOR Meeting PowerPointwas seeking approval for a new mandatory meal plan for all freshmen in on-campus residence starting in fall 2023 with prices starting at $5,090/year.

This change has already come under criticism from President Vega and several senators due to the additional cost it would incur in tuition and student fees.

“I think [Haskins] and I kind of felt a lot more comfortable with the whole process…. I guess all the way they go, I trust the administration on this, but we mentioned, when [Haskins] and I spoke to ABOR, we don’t really trust the transparency or the process to get to this,” Vega said.

Vega then talked about visiting the Northern Arizona University student associates at the Senate and meeting with their leaders about their mandatory meal plan. NAU has implemented a mandatory meal plan where students swipe their “Jackcards” to get their meals.

“One thing that we couldn’t implement before, what they have to do at NAU is a swipe system…so if a student doesn’t use all of their swipes and becomes infrequent, that will trigger a sort of alarm and he’ll reach out to them and ask how they’re doing,” Vega said, going on to explain that it could be good for finding students who might need help.

Senator-at-large Lady Dorothy Elli later asked Vega who would lead and oversee this swipe system initiative if it were to become a reality, to which Vega replied that he was unsure. Vega and other members of the Senate speculated that it would be several offices, including the CatCard office and the Student Union Memorial Center.

Honorable mentions

R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy Senator Ziana Collins updated the Senate on office renovations, including ordering furniture. She hopes he will arrive before the finals. Senator Haskins also talked about the mural he plans to do for the office and he will meet with different government departments to consult with them on how they want to be depicted.

College of Engineering Senator Swathi Ramkumar has proposed a way to use the extra funds left in the Senate budget around $2,000. A contact from the College of Public Health reached out to Senator Ramkumar to ask if the Senate could help with an event she was involved in at Banner, a ball for pediatric patients.

Ramkumar explained that there were already two UA sports teams but the Senate would help fill in the miscellaneous cost gaps. ASUA Advisor Sylvester Gaskin advised Ramkumar to speak to ASUA Commercial Director Estella Trevers to find out if this would be a feasible possibility.

You can learn more about ASUA on their websiteand follow them on instagram and Twitter for updates.

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