1,500 cops will be deployed for Ru Student Union polls | Jaipur News


Jaipur: Jaipur Police will deploy 1,500 personnel for the Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU) elections.
PCD (East) Rajeev Pachar says staff will be fired from Special working group (STF), Rajasthan Armed Police (RAC) and local police stations. pachar said the deployment will stand guard for Friday’s two elections and Saturday’s vote count.
“Police units will be stationed at each stand. We will also closely monitor every entrance and exit gate of the university,” Pachar said.
On Wednesday, Jaipur police also held a major meeting attended by university staff and traffic police officials to strategize ahead of the elections.
“We asked everyone that the recommendations of the Lyngdoh committee be strictly followed. No foreigners will be allowed to enter university campuses,” Pachar added.
Police said they had already tightened security around the university and its union colleges.
Jaipur Police said vehicles were banned from entering the university. Officials said ferry vehicles will be available for students, such as electric rickshaws.
Pachar called on the students to follow the guidelines for the elections.
“We asked students to have their identity cards with them when they come to vote. No vehicles will be allowed inside the campus,” he said, adding that all kinds of gatherings are also prohibited.
“Solicitation on polling day is also strictly prohibited, foreigners will not be allowed to enter colleges,” Pachar said.
Jaipur Police said local police stations are closely monitoring all hostels and paying guesthouses (PGs) in different parts of the city.
“Undercover cops also increased vigilance inside campus, we caught several people entering campus without IDs or fake IDs,” an official said.


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