Investing money in crowdfunding projects can be a good investment. You will not get rich quick with it but your money is reasonably safe with usually a good return. Which crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands can you go to for the best results and fun projects?

  • If you want to invest or invest money, crowdfunding is a fun way to make money.
  • Crowdfunding can give you a return of up to 10%.
  • There are also many fun projects that you can invest in

Tips Investing Crowdfunding

Investing money in crowdfunding is really a trend. Projects on platforms or crowdfunding sites such as those of Goodcash are fully booked in no time. Often even within a few hours. With the other platforms you also have a better chance of participating. You can choose from a diverse range of platforms, websites, projects and investment types. The number of projects is increasing day by day and new platforms are also being added, including from well-known banks.

Crowdfunding Investing in the Netherlands

How does Investing in Crowdfunding work?

You can register without obligation on one or more of these platforms as an investor. You decide how much money you want to invest and how you want to spread the risk. This way you can start with a small amount per project. With this you spread the risk but you also determine your return.

Investing money in projects can yield a lot of returns. This is the case if the risk is somewhat greater that the project does not succeed and you do not get the loan back (in time). Geld & regularly investigates crowdfunding investments and discovered that for the first 100 investments on a platform, one in twenty does not pay back the loan according to the rules. That is possible because of a bankruptcy, but also because a one-off repayment failed. You therefore decide in which project you invest and with how much money. At a number of platforms such as at Lendersload, this risk is spread for you and you simply receive a standard percentage of 5.2% (anno 2017).

You can also invest in this way in starting companies and small or medium-sized companies. In addition, there are also charity projects at home and abroad that you can focus on. If you are interested in investing in charity projects, you can look at Loander, for example. There you will find a wide variety of private projects in developing countries.

Invest in starting companies

Many investors are also interested in investing in start-ups, Startups. The interest or the investment result can often be higher, especially if the startup is doing very well. Therefore, if you also want to invest in start-up companies, you cannot go to all the above platforms. Most crowdfunding platforms only give credit to companies that have been active for at least 3 years and for example have an annual turnover of 100,000 euros. In addition, instead of a loan, you may be more interested in shares of the company or to act as an Angel Investor

Which platforms can you go to for starting entrepreneurs? That is also the case with Goodcash. There you will find a number of loans from new companies with the “Business start-up” loan. But for the entrepreneurial investors there is a more interesting platform where you can invest specifically in starting companies – real startups – even with larger amounts. This platform is Frogart and has been around since 2011. With Kandid you can register as an “Angel Investor” for starting companies. If the company is already a BV, Kandid also offers the possibility to invest in start-up companies through shares.

“Investing money in startups in the Netherlands can be very lucrative,” says the Investor Network Netherlands. This is a network where larger investors share information with each other about trends and which startups are more interesting. They organize meetings where you come into personal contact with the entrepreneurs who are setting up new businesses and looking for capital.