Do you want to borrow money without BKR assessment? Are you living in the Netherlands or Belgium? Borrowing money without BKR testing is always possible via the internet!

You must have tried a hundred different ways to get a loan, but you will always be told no. This is often because you are registered as creditworthy because you have incurred payment arrears in the past and have been notified of this. In the Netherlands a report is made to the Credit Registration Office in Tiel and in Belgium you will be blacklisted by the National Bank, also called the negative part. Regardless of a bkr registration or a blacklisted notation, borrowing is still possible. But not at a bank, but at online loan providers! They provide very accessible loans via the internet!

Borrow money without bkr review from online loan providers

These loans that you take out online are also called small loans, mini loans or fast loans. With such a loan you can already have a loan of your choice today. Because taking out a fast loan today means money in your account today! That way you will never have to worry if you are tight, in a red position or you can use an extra! In addition to making these loans accessible to everyone, it is also an advantage that you do not pay interest on these loans!

Anyone can borrow money without BKR review

The purpose of the online loan providers is to provide loans that are accessible to everyone. So that everyone can take out a loan wherever and whenever they want, should this be necessary. For that reason, only two conditions apply to fast loans. Namely that you must be 21 years or older and that you have a monthly income. What exactly this income consists of is not important. This way you can also take out a loan if you live on benefits and do not have a payslip.

How is it possible to borrow money without BKR assessment?

Maybe you don’t trust it completely, borrowing via the internet. However, this method of borrowing is just as safe as borrowing from the bank. The companies that offer loans online are simply registered with the Chamber of Commerce and are controlled by the government. In addition, many people have already preceded you by taking out a loan with these online loan providers. The reason that they cannot omit a credit assessment is because they provide relatively small loans, which means that the risk they run is not that high. In addition, a BKR assessment is also not favorable for them, since it means that they lose a lot of customers and it takes a lot of time.

How much money can you borrow without BKR assessment?

You can choose the exact amount you want to borrow. With one quick loan you can choose all amounts between 50 and 1000 euros. It is also possible to take out several loans simultaneously. Furthermore, it is not important for the loan provider what you do with the money. So you can decide that you want a nice weekend away for 350 euros or pay off your old debts with 800 euros, but you can also buy an installment car of 1000 euros. It is entirely up to you! For what can you borrow money without proper use of bkr testing?